Monday, August 20, 2012


This past Saturday I was lucky enough to spend the day on a small island off the east coast of Denmark called Samsø. I was invited on this day trip by a family from my host Rotary Club. It was an early start in order to catch the ferry over to the island (hmmm, sounds familiar). I tried my best to take a picture of Samsø from the boat, but it's so flat it's almost impossible to see.

A map of the island, as well as one of Denmark showing Samsø's location.

On the ferry, Samsø in the background.

The whole day went by very quickly. On our way to the north we stopped at a trench made by the vikings at the narrowest point of the island.

Here I am standing in front of half of the trench.

Once we made it to the northern town Nordby, we decided to get out of the car and walk around for a couple of minutes. The truth is, it only takes five minutes to walk around the village, because it's so tiny. This small settlement is also cute as a button. All the houses, streets and buildings are well-kept and quaint. I love it.

Above is a house in Nordby that can be classified as your typical Danish home.

After a nice stroll through Nordby, we drove to a seaside park to eat lunch and enjoy the sun. For lunch rugbrød was on the menu (of course!). With full bellies we then laid out our blankets and took a brief nap, before walking down to the beach and back. Here are some more pictures.

Our delicious lunch.

And the view from where we ate it!

During the afternoon we visited the south of the island, including a trip to Samsø's lighthouse. We were able to climb up to the top of the lighthouse, which presented us with a stunning view of the ocean and the island's wheat fields.

At the top of the lighthouse.

Before heading home we enjoyed another wonderful meal at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. There was a set menu and all the food served was home grown (and delicious!).

The pictures above are of the restaurant and the view.

After a long day we headed home. I was very tired, but a good and satisfied kind of tired.

On the ferry home, with the beautiful sunset in the background.

Thank you very much Sigvert family for the awesome day on Samsø!

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  1. Hi cchase
    I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I have been away in Oregon so missed your first posts. Looks beautiful. Have fun and just keep eating the wienerbrod until you can't get into those skinny pants! Great you can carry on a conversation in Danish already. And you do look short. Ralph